Day 1 Shift Shop Meal Plan

Woot woot! Day 1 was a success. I always get a little nervous when starting a new meal plan. Is it going to be enough food? Will I like the portions they set? Thank goodness Beachbody knows how to create phenomenal plans to follow!! This one is not a disappointment.

First meal of the day was eggs and spinach. I love spinach, but just don't prepare it enough. No one else really likes it in the fam, so it's always just for me. I love to sautee it with a dash of S & P.

And you can totally sub out the spinach for any veggie you like. Just use the approved food list! With 25+ choices, I'm sure there's something for everyone.

Now this was my fav meal of the day. I've never put black beans in any salad, but what a win!! This momma will be experimenting with beans a lot more in the near future.

This salad was to die for and so easy and simple to make. I had everything at home for this  tasty one. 

Supper was another easy meal. Can you see the pattern here? Simple. Easy. Tasty.

That's it! Salmon, broccoli and sweet potatoes. What I loved most about the supper plan, is its hubby approved. Sometimes cooking for the who family can be challenging. And in all honesty, I'm like every other momma out there, and a box of KD is usually made. Don't get me wrong, my minis eat their veggies. Just not every veggie I eat. So a little compromise can go a long way in my house.

Do you like what you see? Think you could see yourself eating a meal plan like this one? Shoot me a message, I'd love to share with you the meal plan I use!

3 Tips To Stay Committed To Your Goals

With everyone wanting to get great results out of their programs, I've really been thinking... What top tips would I share with others to help them succeed. What really will set their results apart from mediocrity?

If you are showing up to your challenge group, following a meal plan, and drinking your Shakeology, you will most likely get some results! But have you committed 100%? Could you give an inch more? Would you say, you have committed wholeheartedly to your fitness journey? Staying strong and committed to your plan can not only help you reach your fitness goals sooner, having string will power can improve your level of confidence.

Here are 3 ways that can help you stay committed to your goals and help keep you strong when you are struggling.

1. Post Your Goals on Your Bathroom Mirror
Posting your short-term daily goals in a place where YOU will see them each day will help you to stay FOCUSED, MOTIVATED, and COMMITTED to staying on task. Your bathroom mirror is the perfect place because you’ll see your goals first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night. 

2. Prepare Daily for “What-Ifs”
Before your day begins, ask yourself if there are any challenges that may INTERFERE with your daily goals. For example, what if you get called in to a last-minute lunch date with a friend? What if your kidlet asks you to play during the time you blocked off for workout? What if you’re going out to celebrate a gf's birthday? For each what-if, make a plan to cope with the challenge while still staying COMMITTED to your fitness and nutrition. Of course, there are plenty of uncontrollable distractions, but STRATEGIZING on how to cope with your most common challenges will set you up to deal with anything that happens during you day.

3. Journal Your Daily Effort
There is no doubt that TRACKING your nutrition and fitness IMPROVE your chances of achieving your goals. But I also recommend keeping a diary in which you answer the following question each day: Did I GIVE every ounce of effort to achieving my goals today? If your answer is yes, great! If your answer is no, write down one thing you can do tomorrow to be BETTER than you were today!

When you follow these three tips, your level of commitment to your journey will take off, giving you the best shot at achieving your goals and feeling absolutely amazing. Better yet, when these three tips become part of your daily routine, not only will you achieve your goals, but get results that will last!

Day 5 Of Shift Shop

I have to share these totally crazy results!! This is Day 1 and Day 5 on this new program! 

Let me set the record straight. I'm on holidays with my famjam. Yes, can you imagine losing weight and toning up while on vacay?  I ate icecream yesterday. Dipped cone {let me tell you, no one will ever take away my icecream,🚫 I don't care what diet your on} 

If you've followed my feed on fb or ig this week, I've been working out, outside at the lake. No special equipment. No fancy stuff required. I used a camping chair the first day!! Check it out. Picture to prove it!!

Now here's the kicker!! I don't start the official meal plan until Monday!! These results are from doing 25 minutes of exercise, eating healthy-ish, and drinking my killer nutritional shakes!

Are you ready to make the shift? Do you want results? Tired of the same ol game of lose 5, gain 10?

This is it!! Join me now and let's do this!! 

Gahhh! I can't wait for week 2 pics!!

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