Day 5 Of Shift Shop

I have to share these totally crazy results!! This is Day 1 and Day 5 on this new program! 

Let me set the record straight. I'm on holidays with my famjam. Yes, can you imagine losing weight and toning up while on vacay?  I ate icecream yesterday. Dipped cone {let me tell you, no one will ever take away my icecream,🚫 I don't care what diet your on} 

If you've followed my feed on fb or ig this week, I've been working out, outside at the lake. No special equipment. No fancy stuff required. I used a camping chair the first day!! Check it out. Picture to prove it!!

Now here's the kicker!! I don't start the official meal plan until Monday!! These results are from doing 25 minutes of exercise, eating healthy-ish, and drinking my killer nutritional shakes!

Are you ready to make the shift? Do you want results? Tired of the same ol game of lose 5, gain 10?

This is it!! Join me now and let's do this!! 

Gahhh! I can't wait for week 2 pics!!

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