16 Snacks For Easy Meal Prep

Alright confession time. I'm a snacker. I've tried to get help for it, but the group kicked me out for sneaking snacks in. lol. Okay, if your like me, your on the go and need easy snacks. And not just easy snacks, healthy easy snacks. I've put together a list of snacks for easy meal prep that I can always rely on!

Remember sometimes healthy snacks can be ruined with processing or added sugar, so always go for au natural! 

1. Bananas and PB
I love mixing up 1 tbsp of natural almond butter and 1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut. Then I slice my banana and dip. It is absolute heaven in my mouth!

2. Fruit
Ya you heard me. Plain and simple. Fruit. Easiest way to have it ready, wash and slice when brought home. I like to fold a piece of paper towel in the bottom of the container. This prevents them from going moldy to quick.

3. Popcorn
Popcorn is one of those snacks that if you love it, you LOVE it! As long as it's air popped and measured into a portion, I approve! I had a friend recommend coconut oil on top, try it! I promise it won't disappoint.

4. Roasted pumpkin/squash seeds
If you enjoy spaghetti squash like me, what do  you do with your seeds? Don't waste them, roast them. Toss in healthy fat (avocado or olive oil), salt and pepper and bake them. Excellent salty snack.

5. Veggies and guacamole
One of the best snacks I pack for work is a big ole bag of veggies. My favs are carrots, celery, radish and cucumber. Really they can be what ever you prefer, just rinse,cut and bag. I like the convenience of the mini guac cups from Costco.

6. Apple chips
If you haven't sampled these at costco, you must be going on the wrong days. I love love love apple chips. Best part is they're organic, no additives, just dried apple slices. 

7. Cottage cheese
This is another one of those love or hate foods. But honestly a great source of protein to keep you full till your next meal. You can also spice it up with some cinnamon, salt or a dab of honey.

8. Fruit and yogurt
I always stock strawberries and pineapple in my fridge. Slice them up and add some greek yogurt, and you have a total tasty snack.

9. Apples and pumpkin spice
A summer favourite for me when the apples are the sweetest, slice and sprinkle with some pumpkin spice. It's almost like biting into an apple pie!

10. Shakeology
What list would be complete without the best snack, Shakeology! I mix mine with 1/3 coconut milk 2/3 water for an extra creamy texture. Toss in some berries or 1/2 banana, and you sure to kill any bad craving in its tracks.

11. Kale chips
Oh kale, how for thy love you! The best way to eat kale is bakes with olive oil and salt! Although, I've seen a ton of recipes on Pinterest with different seasonings. Another thing you must try, if you haven't already.

12. Homemade trail mix
No store bought! They're full of added salt and too many yogurt balls. Instead head to your local bulk food store and pick up some or your fav unsalted nut varieties. Take them home and mix in a big container. reach in for 1/2 cup when you need a snack.

13. Hard boiled eggs
Another very easy snack. I boil mine for 12 minutes, peal and bag in pairs. Store in the fridge and grab on the go. Now since they are pre-pealed, no mess either.

14. Lara bars
please save these for emergencies. I mean no groceries in the fridge and you gotta make a few errands before hitting the grocery store. My two go to flavours are Coconut Cream and Apple, but really they all taste great!

15. Celery and PB
I'll be honest, I say PB but I really mean almond butter. I follow a mostly paleo diet, so legumes are off the menu. That's okay though, almond butter does me just fine.

16. Spinach salad
Sometimes this can easily become a meal with some meat added, but also great as a snack. I enjoy mine with strawberries, walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette.

Hope these help a little when prepping for the day.

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