10 Tips That Make Meal Prep Easier For Me

So I'm gonna start off with a bit of history about the old me. Lets rewind back to a year ago. Meal prepping was not my forte. It meant pulling out the chicken nuggets and KD when I got home, turning on the oven and starting the water. Do you see meal prep anywhere there?? Nope. Nadda. It just didn't happen. 

So, lets fast forward a year to today. I know I need to sit down every week and plan what the famjam is eating. I need to prep my meals for work and make sure hubby has food for those days too. Technically I have 2 jobs, one is Health and Fitness Coach and the other is Licensed Pharmacy Technician in a hospital. So this momma is busy and needs to plan ahead to stay on track. 

Over the last year I've tried many ways and plans of attack on meal prepping and these are my top 10 tips!

1. Make a plan
As the saying goes, "Failing to plan, is planning to fail". Same applies to your meal prep. You have to know what the heck your eating to buy groceries and prep it. And trust me, once you start planning and prepping meals, you will actually save on groceries. This happening because you won't waste as much. How many of you chuck veggies or fruit because you intended to eat it, but just didn't fit it in??
PRO Tip: Save your plan and use it for another week. You don't have to start from scratch every week, maybe have a few plans you rotate through!

2. Stick to your grocery list.
Once you have your plan, make your grocery list. Write down everything you'll need for the next week and go with the intentions of only buying that. Are you an impulse buyer? Think of it this way. If it doesn't fit into your meal plan, you don't need it. By sticking to your list, you will minimize your impulse buying. I promise.

3. Don't forget about Shakeology
This is a non-negotiable. Write it down everyday. Remember this takes the place of a snack or meal. I like to have mine early morning after my workout, and eat breakfast at work on my first break.

4. Keep snacks simple.
When your cooking and prepping all you meals for the week, it's important to keep it simple. During the week is not the time to try out that new Pinterest recipe. Save that for Saturday night, when you have the time to get what you need and make it. I like to build my snacks with a protein and a fruit or veggie. Always cut and bag all your veggies, so they're easy to grab and pack.

5. Cook foods all at once.
If you've seen my IG or SC posts, I cook mass amounts of food on cookies sheets. Your oven can hold a lot and has various racks for a reason. Use  them. You'll also save on your utility bill, not running the oven for hours a week.

6. Look for short cuts.
Buy pre-cut veggies and rotisserie chicken, for example. As long as it's not preocessed, you're all good! I like to hard boil a bunch of eggs (8-10) and leave them in the fridge for easy picking. Protein ready for any busy momma! 

7. Prep your salad for days. I went to Walmart and bought 8 round salad containers. I buy the 5 bag of romaine lettuce from costco and have a salad party. Cut them all up, rinse and spin, then divide between bowls. These cool containers even have a little dressing container inside. No mess and easy to take anywhere.

8. Mix things up.
It can be totally tempting to eat the same thing everyday. Heck I've been guilty of it a time or two. But its also the quickest way to get sick of things and fall off the wagon. The best plan is to have 2 lunch options and 2 supper options, then alternate each day. Variety is the spice of life.

9. Invest in food storage containers.
Try different brands and styles. Then when you find what you like, stock up. Toss what you don't like and organize your storage space. I used to have a pile of mix matched containers, it was a mess and I dreaded pulling them out. Not to mention, nothing stacked properly in my fridge. Lets me real it's not just me food in the fridge. Here's what I use for my cooked lunch and supper meals.

10. Keep your eyes on the prize!
All this meal prepping and clean eating is for a reason. To gain back you health and your life. Some days, its going to seem hard or even impossible to reach your goals. It takes time to build new habits. But once you figure it all out, you'll wish you would have started sooner!

Remember, YOU GOT THIS!

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